“UTQ” is the screening bucket which is used as an attachment of excavators.
The applicable size of an excavator is from 6 to 25 tons.
Because of its specially customized hydraulic circuit, the product does not require any circuit for oil-draing on an excavator.
Furthermore, variety of meshes are available to match many types of screening works.
The product helps to accomplish the current work more efficiently and speedy than to do the work done by a skeleton-bucket or other screening attachments.
The worksite, which this product is effective, is as follows: industrial waste processing, Civil demolition, Aggregate Screening, pre-work of soil amendment.


  • UTQ-60
  • UTQ-120
  • UTQ-200A
UTQ-60 UTQ-120 UTQ-120G UTQ-200
Operating Weight (kg) 540 1,330 1,550 1,830
Height (mm)
1,180 1,560 1,560 1,820
Width (mm)
1,000 1,400 1,400 1,610
Length (mm)
1,710 2,130 2,130 2,340
Diameter of
Screening Drum (mm)
900 1,100 1,100 1,200
Length of
Screening Drum(mm)
850 1,250 1,250 1,400
Suitable excavator(ton) 6~9 10~16 12~20 20~25
Operating Pressure (Mpa)
Over 15
Drum Rotational Speed

The specifications and/or design of the above products are subject to change without the prior notice.


Category Work Contents Screening Object Mesh Size (mm)
Demolition Screening Soil out of the
demolition-mixture of wooden houses
Scrap Wood 60~100
Screening Soil out of the
Scrap 40~100
Screening Soil out of the general
waste before Incineration
Suitable waste for Incineration 60~100
Removing Incombustibles from
Incinerated ash
Incinerated Ash 20~50
Preliminary Screening of surplus
soil prior to the plant processing
Surplus Soil 100~150
Volume reduction at an existing disposa
site (Leachate-Controlled Type)
Deposited Waste 20~40
Reuse or volume reduction of the solid
industrial waste (concrete)
Final disposal plant 40~150
Classification or productization of
concrete Aggregate
Concrete Aggregate 20~80
Screening the remaining soil out of
metal scrap
Metal Scrap 40~60
Removal of shells, driftwoods, sea
grasses and waste oil masses at
the seaside
Sea Sand 20
Removal of pieces of wood and
grass roots in the river gravel
River Gravel 20
Removal of unweathered stones and
grass roots in the pit sand
Pit Sand 20
Removal of gravels for the farmland
Soil 30~50
Classification of sand or gravel Sand or Gravel 20~80
Quarrying Gathering of cobblestones Cobblestones 100~150
Gathering of Gabion stones Gabion stones 150~200
Classification of Natural Stones for
the revetment
Natural Stones 200
Disposal of tailings Aggregate 40~100
Gathering of mountain sand Mountain Sand 20
Gathering of river sand River Sand 20


The welded-wire, woven-wire and punched meshes are available to satisfy your needs of the screening works.

Welded-Wire Mesh Woven-Wire Mesh Punched Mesh
  • ●Most Standard type of the mesh made out of steel wires.
  • ●The size of a mesh is 40 - 200mm.
  • ●The woven-wire mesh is applied for the smaller mesh-size.
  • ●The basic size of a mesh is 20 - 60mm.
  • ●This type of mesh is the punched steel plate through the pressing work.
  • ●The basic size of a mesh is from 40 - 80mm.
  • ●General-purpose
  • ●General, Surplus Soil, Aggregate, Concrete, Scrap wood or metal
  • ●Small or fine objects
  • ●General, Mountain/River Sand, Scrap Wood, Incinerated ash
  • ●Less resistance to an object than the welded-wire mash
  • ●Scrap mixture including tapes and/or ropes